Sunday, May 23, 2010

Well HELLO! Now to quickly introduce myself.......I'm Tabitha, a 30 yr old mom to the best and loudest 3 lil girls you will ever read about. I run a home based childcare program, I'm an ECE (Early Childhood Educator) and have the busiest most fulfilling life EVER!

It's not always been this way, but no need to delve into the past, I'm all about the future these days and boy oh boy is it looking bright and happy. Why you ask? Well, because I've decided to stop existing and start LIVING each and every day to its absolute fullest.

I'm not new to blogging, in fact, I kept a blog for a few years on another website and have made some amazing friendships with some of the best people I've ever gotten to know.

You will also have to excuse my typing etiquette, yes I am one of those people that will use short forms and I happen to have a knackered keyboard, I will miss the letter m occasionally, lol and some punctuation. Deal. Its all part of my charm really.

Now a lil more about me, lets see.......I have three beautiful daughters, Olivia, Sophie and Ashley. They are 8, 6, and 4 years old. Personalities are all completely different but yet all like my own ( at least so I'm told) So that either means they're really alike or I resemble a person with multiple personality disorder........ LOL

Olivia is usually the quiet one, content to do things on her own and not too impressed when her sister *bug* her. She is artistic and likes to tell jokes, usually riddles and no one laughs louder at them then she does. She is a master at organized chaos. There is seldom a day when I don't have to kick my way into her room through a mass of clothes/toys/paintings etc... I put this down to her being exceptionally eccentric and possible a genius. This is a very spiritual girl who recreated the Crucifixion scene from the Bible with blocks, complete with a *polly pocket* doll staring as Jesus.

Sophie is my lil firecracker. Shes loud and expressive yet very sensitive and caring. Shes always looking out to help anyone in anyway that she can and can always be depended on for assistance while I'm working. Need a potty fetcher? call Sophie. Need help clearing the lunch dishes, Sophie is right there with a smile. She truly is a lil burst of sunshine. Except when shes throwing a fit and screaming up the stairs at some injustice that I have inflicted upon her.......I just hug her more.

Ashley. The baby. Now Ashley is very much still developing her personality. She often takes on the attributes of her older sisters. She can be very quiet like Olivia, and then she can be overtly expressive like Sophie. I put this down to environmental factors. Live with people long enough and its inevitable. Ashley has a love for puzzles, and has become an expert at figuring them out. At the rate shes going, shell be completing 1000 piece jigsaws of marble scenes in seconds by grade 3. I seriously cant keep up with her. She gives random hugs and kisses and is always ready for a snuggle up on the couch. Shes a fussy eater, and MUST wear leggings and shiny shoes DAILY regardless of the heat.

I am not alone on this journey into the future. I have had the fortune to meet an exceptional man to share it with. My David. We like to keep things private to a degree but it needs to be said that I have never met anyone who *gets me*. I mean every lil facial expression, tone of voice, and he knows if there's something bothering me and has the ability to make me smile and laugh like Ive never laughed before. There is such a connection on so many levels that I never imagined could exist between two people. He brings excitement and ambitions and dreams into reality.

Life is an amazing journey, and finally, I feel confident and ready to take it all on with a smile.